Closed Consultations

  • Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy

    The Council has reviewed its Policy on the Relevance of Warnings, Offences, Cautions and Convictions for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing. The policy contains information about legal requirements, government guidance, Council policy, procedures and standards. It has been produced pursuant to the powers conferred by the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, the Town Police Clauses Acts 1847 and 1889, the Public Health Act 1875 and the Local Government Act 1972... More
    Closed 14 January 2022
  • Statement of Licensing Policy and Cumulative Impact Assessment

    The Council is obliged to determine and publish a Statement of Licensing Policy to keep it under review and to republish it at least every five years. The current statment of Licensing Policy was republished in Feburary 2021. Since this date, the Licensing Authority has carried out a further comprehensive and considered review, taking the pandemic and its effects into account, and also gathering new data, evidence and input from relevant authorities to consider a new Cumulative Impact... More
    Closed 27 December 2021
  • Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2022/23 Consultation

    The Council Tax Reduction (CTR) scheme provides help for Oxford residents on benefits or low incomes to pay their council tax. This help is provided as a reduction in the amount of Council Tax to pay. The reduction can be up to 100% of the Council Tax bill. Since the end of national council tax benefit (CTB) in April 2013, councils have been responsible for drawing up their own schemes of support. Oxford is one of a small number of councils who have not reduced the overall level of... More
    Closed 17 November 2021
  • Broad Meadow - Summer 2021

    From 1 July 2021 until the end of September, the western part of Broad Street has been transformed into "Broad Meadow" - a new outdoor space containing wildflower meadows, lawns and seating. The main purpose of Broad Meadow is to promote the safe use of the city centre over the summer, to support Oxford’s economic recovery and to inform the development of longer-term options for creating better civic spaces on Broad Street and in other parts of the city in the future. Broad Meadow... More
    Closed 29 October 2021
  • Statement of Gambling Policy 2022-2025

    The Licensing Authority are required under the Gambling Act 2005 to review and publish a Statement of Gambling Policy every 3 years. The new policy is due to come in to force on 31st January 2022. We are seeking your views on this draft policy before it is approved by the Licensing and Gambling Act Committee. More
    Closed 15 October 2021
  • Public Consultation: Regeneration of Underhill Circus

    Public Consultation Regeneration of Underhill Circus in Barton (further information can be found at This consultation is being undertaken prior to the submission of a planning application, in order to provide local residents, businesses and community groups with an opportunity to comment on the draft proposals. There will be a further consultation that will take place as and when a planning application has been submitted. More
    Closed 1 October 2021
  • Westlands Drive

    Oxford City Council (OCC), along with a professional team of consultants have been exploring proposals to provide a number of residential homes on Elizabeth Place. The objective is to provide new, high-quality, affordable housing in varying sizes and occupancies on the under-utilised site to help meet housing needs in Oxford. The purpose of this consultation is to share OCC’s initial proposals for the development of Elizabeth Place and to seek comments from the community about the... More
    Closed 17 September 2021
  • Help us shape the new Oxfordshire Air Quality Website

    In March 2021, the five local Authorities in Oxfordshire: Oxford City, Cherwell, West Oxfordshire, South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse, together with Oxfordshire County Council were awarded a DEFRA air quality grant to develop an innovative air quality website for Oxfordshire. We want the new website to be used as an important tool to inform, communicate and raise awareness of air pollution to all visitors and residents across Oxfordshire. The new website will... More
    Closed 5 September 2021
  • Planning Oxford's Future - What's important? (Oxford Local Plan 2040 questionnaire)

    This is an early opportunity to get involved in the development of the Oxford Local Plan 2040. The Local Plan can help tackle many of the issues that the city faces, such as our environment, inequalities and climate change. It will set out where and how new development can happen. It will look at what development is needed in the city and try to provide for that. At the same time it will try to keep hold of the things that make Oxford a special place, and see where things... More
    Closed 3 September 2021
  • Local Plan 2040 - Issues Paper Consultation (in-depth questions to use alongside Issues document)

    We are starting the process of producing the Oxford Local Plan 2040 with a public engagement exercise to help shape the direction of the Plan. We have prepared an Issues Paper setting out some of the key context and issues we have identified, which we think will need to be addressed over the Local Plan period. The Issues Paper is supported by a number of topic papers which explore the various topics in greater depth. We conclude with a proposed vision and objectives for the new Local Plan,... More
    Closed 3 September 2021
  • Public Consultation: Redevelopment of the former Northfield Hostel

    Public Consultation Redevelopment of the former Northfield Hostel (further information can be found at ) This consultation is being undertaken prior to the submission of a planning application, in order to provide local residents and businesses with an opportunity to comment on the draft proposals. There will be a further consultation that will take place as and when a planning application has been submitted. More
    Closed 20 August 2021
  • Communities Grants Review

    Oxford City Council is looking to improve its Community Grant funding system - and would like to learn from your experience. Please can you help us to understand: • Your experience of working with us on Grants • How Covid has impacted you and your organisation • Ways in which we can improve the grant funding process going forward • How application and monitoring can be easier and fit for purpose Your views, experience and what you’ve learned... More
    Closed 14 August 2021
  • Your views on the vision and evidence for the new Housing, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy

    We are in the process of developing a new Housing, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy for Oxford that will come into place in 2022. As the very first step of this process, we have carried out a review of homelessness and created a wider evidence base that tells us all about the housing and homelessness situation in the city. You can find this document and a summary document below. The review and evidence base will inform the development of the draft strategy.... More
    Closed 2 August 2021
  • Urban Forest Strategy

    Our urban forest is made up of all the trees and woody vegetation in our city and provides us with numerous benefits such as clean air, carbon storage, spaces for recreation and homes for our wildlife. This strategy seeks to set a direction for Oxford to protect and expand our urban forest to help tackle the climate and ecological emergencies that we face. This strategy is not just about city council trees and land it’s about all of the trees and land in the city. We want to celebrate... More
    Closed 26 July 2021
  • Public Consultation : Development of the Former Depot Site, Lanham Way, Littlemore

    Public Consultation Development (housing) of the former depot site at Lanham Way, Littlemore, OX4 4QG. This consultation is being undertaken prior to the submission of a planning application, a formal public consultation will also take place once a planning application has been submitted. Have your say We welcome your feedback and will carefully consider your comments and questions in further developing the design of the proposed housing development. Please complete this... More
    Closed 22 July 2021
  • Restrictions on lighting fires and barbeques and digging in Parks and Green Spaces

    Oxford City Council are consulting on whether to introduce restrictions on fire setting and digging, often for the purposes of recovering buried bottles, in some parks and green spaces in the city. The areas in question include Port Meadow, Burgess Field and Wolvercote Common, Angel and Greyhound Meadow, Rivermead Nature Park and South Park. If restrictions are introduced, b reaches may result in advice being given, a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100 or a prosecution in the... More
    Closed 28 June 2021
  • Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) Consultation

    The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how and when we will involve different groups, organisations and our communities in the planning process. The document must be used when we prepare and consult on our planning policy documents, including our Local Plan, and explains how we will involve people when we assess and decide on planning applications for new development. More
    Closed 6 May 2021
  • West End and Osney Mead Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Consultation

    We would like to get your thoughts on how future developments in the West End and Osney Mead area of the city should be guided. We will use your comments as we develop the West End and Osney Mead Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). This questionnaire contains some general questions about how you feel about the area, some questions about the scope and vision of the SPD (which is set out in the supporting Issues and Scope document ) and some questions to find out... More
    Closed 30 April 2021
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