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What is a Residents' Panel?

Oxford Residents’ Panel is an online group of up to 1,000 residents who have agreed to give their views on a range of topics including current work by Oxford City Council, new or existing services, or broader issues that we may require your feedback on throughout the year.

Panel membership is broadly representative of the Oxford population to ensure that we hear a diverse range of voices.

As a thank you, and in recognition of your time, all members of the Residents’ Panel are entered into quarterly prize draws to win up to £250!

Get involved! It's quick and easy to sign up and start helping to shape the future of Oxford City.

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Joining the Panel

As a member of our residents' panel you have the opportunity to have your voice heard at a senior level within the council. You can tell us your views about the services and issues that matter to you, and we'll listen to your feedback and look for ways to improve. We'll give you regular updates on what changes have been made as a result of that feedback.

We ask for your feedback through online surveys and engagement exercises. You can choose what you take part in and you do not have to respond to everything that we send you. The role is unpaid, but we run quarterly prize draws to win up to £250.

To be a panel member, you must:

  • live in Oxford City
  • be aged 16 or older

It's quick and easy to sign up and start helping to shape the future of Oxford City.

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Closed engagements

Recent panel activities and outcomes. Find all other engagement activities on our homepage.
Proposed update to Oxford City Council parks and open spaces byelaws

Proposed update to Oxford City Council parks and open spaces byelaws

Oxford City Council has a set of byelaws in place for its parks, nature areas and play facilities. These provide a set of rules around the use of these public spaces to ensure people behave in way which respects the enjoyment, wellbeing, and safety of others. Byelaws are also aimed to ensure the protection of habitats, wildlife, and the wider environment. Oxford City Council has not updated its parks and open spaces byelaws for over 25 years, and is now considering to: ...

Corporate Strategy 2024-28

Corporate Strategy 2024-28

Our Corporate Strategy sets out our highest priority areas of work for the next four years. It includes commitments that we will deliver ourselves or in partnership, and where we can use our influence, to help us achieve them. When this strategy is finalised and agreed by your elected Councillors, we will prioritise time, money and resources to achieve these outcomes. This consultation is your opportunity to tell us whether these are the right issues and actions for us to focus on. We...

Budget Consultation 2024-25

Budget Consultation 2024-25

Every year, we spend around £100 million providing public services that you, your family and friends use every day. Oxford City Council wants to hear from you on its budget proposals for 2024-25. The financial environment for local authorities at the present remains challenging. Dividend returns from our wholly owned companies are reducing as higher interest rates and inflation harm their finances. Inflation is not expected to return to manageable levels for some time to come and mean...

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