Residential Enforcement Policies Consultation

Closed 11 Oct 2023

Opened 14 Sep 2023

Feedback updated 13 Dec 2023

We asked

We asked whether the proposed policies were easy to understand and gave a clear explanation of how decisions were made in relation to residential enforcement.

You said

Details of how to appeal the decisions should be included in the policies and details of the training that officers, who carry out such enforcement work.

We did

We have amended the draft policies to include details of the appeal procedure and the training that officers receive. A report is being submitted to Cabinet in January 24 for approval of there-drafted policies.


Regulation of the private rented sector in Oxford is important to ensure privately rented homes are safe and managed to a satisfactory standard. Such regulation uses a variety of legislation, whereby there is either a requirement for a local authority to have a written policy or where best practice suggests such policies are in place.

These policies have been developed to assist the Council when making decisions concerning enforcement actions. These actions, if taken, can have a significant impact upon a property owner or manager, therefore it is essential that decisions are consistent and that the policies are published and transparent for service users.

You can find the details of the policies from the bottom of this page.


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