Dog control Public Spaces Protection Order

Closes 13 Oct 2023

Opened 6 Sep 2023


Oxford City Council are consulting on whether to vary, extend or remove a Public Spaces Protection Order in the city regarding the control of dogs. No restrictions apply to assistance dogs or where a person has a reasonable excuse.  

The current Dog Control PSPO makes it an offence: 

  • for a person to allow their dog to be in a children’s play park 

  • to be in control of more than four dogs 

  • to fail to clear up their dog mess 

  • to fail to put their dog on a lead if instructed by an authorised officer 

The penalty for breaching a PSPO can be dealt with through a fixed penalty notice or prosecution in the Magistrates Court. 

More information can be found on Oxford City Council’s website here

Why your views matter

The Council's Cabinet will consider the findings at their meeting on the 13th December and decide whether to extend, amend or remove the Order.


  • Councillors
  • General Public


  • Regulatory Srvices and Community Safety Services