Asset Management Strategy

Closed 10 Apr 2022

Opened 11 Mar 2022


Property assets are an important resource in delivering efficient and effective services to our communities.  But ownership, occupation and operation of property assets are not an end in itself and each asset class should have a clear rationale and purpose.

The Council is clear that operational, social and commercial investment property assets should pay their way and make a positive contribution either to direct service delivery or to other socio-economic objectives of the Council, over and above the costs of ownership.

A key element of achieving our goals is how the Council uses all our resources, and this includes our land and buildings. To support this, the Council has developed a new Corporate Asset Strategy which will set our direction for the next decade.

Why your views matter

Your views and comments on our strategic proposals are much valued as they bring a community  perspective and involvement to ensure that the strategy fully aligns with both Council and Community requirements

What happens next

Following this consultation process the responses will be reviewed and considered and if appropriate changes made to the strategy document which it is intended to be re-issued to Cabinet in June for approval and onward submission to full Council for ratification in July


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