Your views on the proposed Street Trading Policy 2023

Closed 13 Jan 2023

Opened 12 Dec 2022


We want to hear your views on our plans to update the Council’s Street Trading Policy.

The Council’s Street Trading Policy sets out the legal framework for the management of street trading in Oxford and guides the Council as Licensing Authority when it considers applications for Street Trading Consents and the requirements that Consent holders must meet. The current Policy came into force in May 2020 and is due for its three year renewal. You can view the current Street Trading Policy 2020 here.

The General Purposes Licensing Committee (GPL) has responsibility for setting policy on street trading and has approved a draft Street Trading Policy 2023 Consultation Version, which you can view here. As well as updated content, layout and legally required changes the Consultation Version contains some policy changes. In the Consultation Version these changes are highlighted with grey shading.

Why your views matter

By answering the questions that follow you will be able to tell us what you think about these. The final question is about the Policy as a whole and is where you can record any views not already given.

After the consultation has been completed GPL will consider the results and decide on the proposed final version in February 2023, for adoption by the Council from 1st April onwards.


  • Anyone from any background


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