Corporate Strategy 2024-28

Closed 21 Mar 2024

Opened 25 Jan 2024


Our Corporate Strategy sets out our highest priority areas of work for the next four years. It includes commitments that we will deliver ourselves or in partnership, and where we can use our influence, to help us achieve them.

When this strategy is finalised and agreed by your elected Councillors, we will prioritise time, money and resources to achieve these outcomes. This consultation is your opportunity to tell us whether these are the right issues and actions for us to focus on. We will review all the feedback and may make changes based on the views given.

We know that many people feel strongly about transport issues and LTNs, and will ask why these are not included in this strategy. Oxfordshire County Council is the authority on transport issues, we do not have the powers to make or change transport policy in Oxford. You can raise transport issues with your local Oxfordshire County Councillor.

We will also deliver statutory services, and other services laid out in our individual service strategies.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Strategies
  • Residents' Survey
  • Pulse Survey