Proposed update to Oxford City Council parks and open spaces byelaws

Closed 8 Apr 2024

Opened 12 Feb 2024


Oxford City Council has a set of byelaws in place for its parks, nature areas and play facilities. These provide a set of rules around the use of these public spaces to ensure people behave in way which respects the enjoyment, wellbeing, and safety of others. Byelaws are also aimed to ensure the protection of habitats, wildlife, and the wider environment.   

Oxford City Council has not updated its parks and open spaces byelaws for over 25 years, and is now considering to:   

  1. Revoke old byelaws no longer relevant/appropriate. 

  1. Make new byelaws to deal with new challenges and changing priorities 

  1. Update the list of sites currently covered to address previous omissions and naming errors to ensure consistency, to include new play spaces created since the byelaws were last updated and to remove other sites which have been or are planned to be subject to change of land use.  

  1. For simplification and consistency, apply to revoke (remove) the separate set of byelaws for Shotover County Park and include the site under the main park byelaws.  

We have created a set of draft updated byelaws, based on the Home Office model of current best practice, and informed by experience of the current challenges, and on-going park user feedback.  

Share your views on these proposed draft byelaws amendments to ensure they reflect the needs and wishes of the diverse users and visitors of these public green spaces and play facilities.  

Interactive byelaw map

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