Potential options for replacement of Hinksey Park Splash

Closed 10 Nov 2023

Opened 19 Oct 2023


The splash feature at Hinksey Park has come to the end of its life and has had to close. The costs to build a new one are likely to be significant and will be challenging in the current financial climate. However, we are looking at how we might be able to try to do this which includes exploring external funding opportunities and different delivery options.

One of these options is to deliver a multi-use play space to provide year-round play opportunity, which we hope will also be distinctive enough to attract some external funding contributions. The concept would be to combine a slightly smaller splash feature with a starter ‘learn and play’ balance bike and scooter track for younger children: ‘Little Wheels and Wet Play Park’.

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Why your views matter

We would like to understand whether this is one option that you might be interested in and any comments you may have. We would also like to understand your feedback and comments on what other play based options might be of interest should we need to adapt our concepts to the level of funding we achieve. We would be grateful if you could answer our brief questionnaire and give us any comments by 10th November 2023. If there is strong support for the proposal, we would make bid applications for external funding (but note external funding bids are not always successful!).  Many thanks.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Community Services