Communities Grants Review

Closed 14 Aug 2021

Opened 12 Jul 2021

Results expected 17 Sep 2021

Feedback expected 30 Oct 2021


Oxford City Council is looking to improve its Community Grant funding system - and would like to learn from your experience.  

Please can you help us to understand: 

•    Your experience of working with us on Grants
•    How Covid has impacted you and your organisation
•   Ways in which we can improve the grant funding process going forward
•    How application and monitoring can be easier and fit for purpose

Your views, experience and what you’ve learned responding to Covid will all be invaluable. 

Your replies will be confidential. 

Why your views matter

The current Grant round ends in March 2022 and we want to ensure that the new scheme works for everyone.  We need your help to achieve this. 


What happens next

Results will feed into proposals for the Grant process. The new process will be in place by April 2022.   


  • Stakeholders
  • Charitable and Voluntary Organisations


  • Community Grants