Your views on the vision and evidence for the new Housing, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy

Closes 2 Aug 2021

Opened 22 Jun 2021


We are in the process of developing a new Housing, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy for Oxford that will come into place in 2022.

As the very first step of this process, we have carried out a review of homelessness and created a wider evidence base that tells us all about the housing and homelessness situation in the city. You can find this document and a summary document below. 

The review and evidence base will inform the development of the draft strategy. We will draft the new strategy and accompanying action plan in the autumn, following this consultation.

The review and evidence base includes information about numbers of homeless people and families who are homeless, and how services have performed to support homeless people. It also includes wider housing issues, such as the Council’s role as a social landlord, what’s happening in the private rented sector, the plans to build more affordable housing in the future, and the need to tackle the role housing plays in carbon emissions.

We are launching this consultation so that you can tell us what you think about homelessness and housing in your city. The views and feedback from the citizens of Oxford, businesses, partners and stakeholders are important to make sure that we include and look at all relevant evidence in relation to housing, homelessness and rough sleeping, and that we formulate the right vision and priorities for the new strategy.

Oxford City Council's Homelessness Review and Housing, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy Evidence Base 2021 is available on this consultation page.

We have also produced a summary of the full length review that, in brief, intends to:

  • Give you an accurate picture of the housing and homelessness situation in Oxford and how it has developed over recent years
  • Introduce our draft vision and emerging priorities that we have arrived at based on the evidence compiled in the review and evidence base
  • Tell you how the new strategy will be developed
  • Tell you how members of the public, partners and stakeholders can get involved and have a say throughout this process

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