Oxford's Economic Strategy Consultation Survey

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Closes 19 Jan 2022


We are seeking your views to develop Oxford’s Economic Strategy and Delivery Plan. Oxford’s Draft Economic Strategy outlines Oxford City Council and Oxford Economic Growth Board partners’ proposed approach to economic development. It proposes a shared commitment to deliver existing development projects and new initiatives in ways which support the transition to an inclusive, global, zero carbon economy. These three themes each contain a set of ‘Guiding Principles’, to be delivered through projects and initiatives over the first 5 years of this ten-year strategy. These seek to promote new opportunities for businesses and residents as we recover following the Pandemic recession.
Despite our ambition, Oxford City Council and its partners face choices on how to deploy our available resources on new and existing projects. So we’ll need to prioritise efforts over the short, medium and long term. Your views will be essential in helping us to prioritise. Examples or explanations for each ‘guiding principle’ are found in the material below to help you to rank them in priority. Once agreed, these actions will help provide a foundation for Oxford to move towards an Inclusive, Global and Zero Carbon city economy.

We’d particularly value your ideas and suggestions on the following:

  • Have we identified the right themes and guiding principles for Oxford’s Economic Strategy? What might be missing?
  • Prioritisation of the guiding principles, how well do you feel they meet the strategic objectives and how important are they to you?
  • Innovative ideas that would enhance delivery against the strategy’s guiding principles
  • Participation and collaboration in the design, development and delivery of the strategy
Please note: All tick box or drop down selection questions are mandatory. All free text responses are optional and can be answered according to your knowledge or interest.
In order to respond to this survey we recommend that you read the Strategy (part 1), or at a minimum, refer to the examples in the hyperlinks links below. Respondents may also choose to read the Delivery plan (part 2) if they want more detail on the potential actions.
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