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Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2019/20

Consultation on proposals to make changes to the 2019/20 Council Tax Reduction scheme.

Open 28 Sep 2018 18 Nov 2018

Oxford's Christmas Light Festival 2018

The Christmas Light Festival team want to keep improving this event. Please help us by giving your feedback in this short survey.

Open 15 Nov 2018 30 Nov 2018

Oxford Local Plan 2036: Proposed Submission Draft Consultation

The City Council is carrying out a Proposed Submission Draft (Regulation 19) Consultation on the Oxford Local Plan 2036. This consultation offers the public the final chance to express their views on whether the Plan meets the tests of soundness set out in paragraph 35 of the NPPF. Any comments received will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate who will consider them during the Examination in Public that is expected to take place in late 2019.

Open 01 Nov 2018 13 Dec 2018

Oxford’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Draft Charging Schedule Review 2018

Open 01 Nov 2018 13 Dec 2018

Your Views on Parks and Green Space in Oxford 2018

Oxford City Council is gaining customers views and satisfaction of its parks, play areas and countryside sites. This is an ongoing survey scheduled to end on the 31st December 2018. You may comment on any Oxford City Council owned park or green space. If you would like to complete the survey for more than one green space, please use the attached document and either print and return via post or email to Thank you for your time and contribution.

Open 29 Jun 2018 31 Dec 2018