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List of consultations
NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Discretionary Housing Payments survey 2016-17 Respond Online
The aim of our discretionary housing payment (DHP) policy is to give short term support while you take steps to improve your financial situation so that you will not need our help in future – for example, by supporting you to find work or arranging independent money advice to help you deal with debts. In order to see if we can improve our service to you, we would like to hear about your experience of applying for a DHP and the support we offered you.
Open 15 Apr 2016 31 Mar 2017
North Oxford Victorian Suburb Conservation Area Appraisal draft Respond Online
The City Council have prepared an appraisal of the North Oxford Victorian Suburb Conservation Area to inform future planning for the area. We would like to hear the views of the community on the content and findings of this appraisal. An important part of the appraisal process is finding out how people value the area. We want to find out what you cherish, feel is significant, dislike, or just put up with and what aspirations you have for the area. This will help inform how the area should be managed in the future.
Open 06 Mar 2017 14 Apr 2017

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