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  • Potential Increase of Hackney Carriage (Black Cab) Table of Fares

    Under section 65 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 the Council may set the fares for Hackney Carriages within its area. An application has been received by the Council to vary (increase) these fares and the Council seeks the views of the public before determining the application.

    Open from 23 Nov 2020 to 13 Dec 2020

  • Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2021-22

    The Council Tax Reduction (CTR) scheme provides help for Oxford residents on benefits or low incomes to pay their council tax. This help is provided as a reduction in the amount of council tax to pay. The reduction can be up to 100% of the council tax bill. We are proposing some amendments to the CTR scheme for working age people in 2021/22, and this means we have to ask you for your views on the changes we want to make.

    Open from 21 Sep 2020 to 13 Nov 2020

  • Development of Land West of Mill Lane, Marston - Public Consultation

    The site has been allocated for residential development in the adopted Oxford Local Plan 2036. Oxford City Council is proposing to build 79 new homes on this site, with 50% being provided as social rent and other affordable tenures. The remaining 40 homes will be offered for private sale.

    Open from 20 Oct 2020 to 12 Nov 2020

  • Air Quality Action Plan (2021-2025)

    This Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) outlines the actions that are being considered to improve air quality in Oxford City from 2021 to 2025.

    Open from 10 Sep 2020 to 01 Nov 2020

  • Alcohol and Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Orders

    We would like to hear about your experiences of these issues and your views on the orders.

    Open from 18 Aug 2020 to 18 Sep 2020

  • Card payment facilities in Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

    Oxford City Council would like to consult with the travelling public and the Licensed trade to ascertain if there is a demand for Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles licensed by Oxford City Council to offer a card payment option, via a card reader machine, as a mandatory requirement.

    Open from 02 Mar 2020 to 12 Apr 2020

  • Oxford Local Plan 2036 Main Modifications

    Modifications to the submitted Oxford Local Plan 2036, required to ensure the Plan is 'sound', have been identified as part of the examination process. The City Council is consulting on these Main Modifications for a 6 week period from Friday 14th February to Friday 27th March.

    Open from 14 Feb 2020 to 27 Mar 2020

  • Gillians Park Satisfaction Survey

    Oxford City Council would like to gather public views on Gillians Park.

    Open from 17 Feb 2020 to 16 Mar 2020

  • Oxford City Council Strategy 2020-2024 and Budget Consultation 2020-21

    We would like to hear your views on our Council Strategy and Draft Budget and get a deeper understanding of your priorities, needs and aspirations in relation to our services and your community.

    Open from 20 Dec 2019 to 31 Jan 2020

  • Public Attitude Survey on the City Centre

    Oxford City Council has launched this questionnaire to help understand the behaviours that residents, business owners and visitors think are acceptable and unacceptable in Oxford city centre.

    Open from 08 Nov 2019 to 12 Jan 2020

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