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  • Street Trading Policy Review 2019

    We are introducing a revised Street Trading Policy which will set out a framework for managing street trading in the area of Oxford. The policy outlines how decisions are made and aims to provide a transparent and consistent approach for dealing with the regulation of street trading. The consultation results will be used to shape the revised policy, which is due to go to General Purposes Licensing Committee on 18th September for approval. Following a successful outcome the policy will be presented to City Executive Board for approval to adopt.

    Open from 24 Jul 2019 to 23 Aug 2019

  • Proposed Headington Community Council

    Oxford City Council would like to know your views on whether a community council should be established for the Headington area.

    Open from 12 Jul 2019 to 23 Aug 2019

  • Meadow Lane Street Art Project

    Survey regarding design ideas for the Meadow Lane Street Art Project

    Open from 15 Mar 2019 to 12 Apr 2019

  • Oxfordshire Plan 2050 - Call for Ideas

    The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Call for ideas for strategic locations for development or growth We are contacting you because you’ve previously registered to be kept informed of any planning development matters/consultations. We wanted to let you know that alongside the Oxford Local Plan, work has also now commenced on a brand-new Oxfordshire Plan 2050. The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 is one of the commitments made by the six Oxfordshire authorities as part of the £215m Housing & Growth Deal, which will help deliver greatly needed new homes, including affordable and social housing, and infrastructure to the county. The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 is different to local plans because it will cover the whole of Oxfordshire, it will only consider larger strategic-scale locations and policies, and it runs over a longer timescale to 2050. The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 is currently undertaking a call for sites for strategic-scale sites, or people can also submit proposals for other policy areas such as envi

    Open from 01 Mar 2019 to 12 Apr 2019

  • Dancin' Oxford 2019 Survey

    Your views on Dancin' Oxford (Dance Festival)

    Open from 01 Mar 2019 to 25 Mar 2019

  • Oxford Central (City & University) Conservation Area Appraisal Boundary Review

    The Central Oxford (City & University) Conservation Area was designated in 1971 to protect its special character and appearance. The conservation area covers the historic core of the city and the boundary is shown in red on the map below. The City Council has a duty to review the conservation area and it's boundary. Sept - Oct 2018, the Council consulted the public and stakeholders on the first stage of the appraisal. A number of responses suggested changes to the boundary to include other areas of special architectural or historic interest. A report has been produced outlining the areas proposed by the public, and whether they are considered to be worthy of inclusion. Three main areas have been suggested for inclusion by the report: • The University Science Quarter • Keble Road triangle • St Thomas’ Other slight boundary amendments are also proposed to reflect development since 1971. We would like to hear from the public about their opinions on possible boundary alterations.

    Open from 04 Feb 2019 to 04 Mar 2019

  • Customer, Digital and Technology Strategy

    This survey is about gathering insight on our customers experience when accessing our services

    Open from 13 Feb 2019 to 03 Mar 2019

  • Budget Consultation 2019/20

    We would like to hear your views on our draft budget and get a deeper understanding of your priorities, needs and aspirations in relation to our services and your community.

    Open from 19 Dec 2018 to 04 Feb 2019

  • Your views on redeveloping Underhill Circus

    Oxford City Council is considering redeveloping Underhill Circus as part of our overall investment in Barton. We would like your views on some concept ideas for the site.

    Open from 05 Dec 2018 to 09 Jan 2019

  • Manzil Way Gardens

    We want to hear your views on further improvements to Manzil Way Gardens. You will have noticed that we have recently made improvements to the play area side of the gardens, and further work to enhance the play area and its setting will continue of the next few months. We also have a small budget to improve the health centre side, but before making any changes we would like to hear your views on how this area should be enhanced. For example, the current goal and basket hoop doesn’t get much use; would you like to see this kept or something else installed here in its place? If so, what? This is your public space; please let us know your thoughts so we can ensure changes meet your needs and the limited budget is spent wisely. We would really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to answer our survey to help us improve Manzil Way Gardens.

    Open from 06 Dec 2018 to 04 Jan 2019

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