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NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Housing Assistance and Disabled Adaptations Policy Closed 18 Oct 2017 16 Nov 2017
Scrutiny call for evidence: Oxford Living Wage Closed 12 Oct 2017 10 Nov 2017
Redevelopment of Standingford House, Cave Street Closed 06 Oct 2017 09 Nov 2017
Draft Housing & Homelessness Strategy 2018-21
The City Council’s current Housing Strategy 2015-18, Homelessness Strategy 2013-18 and Empty Property Strategy 2013-18 are all due for renewal in 2018. Rather than have three separate strategies, we have decided to produce one combined strategy and action plan that sets out our housing vision and planned activities over the next 3 years to 2021 and would welcome your views.
Closed 21 Sep 2017 03 Nov 2017
Review of Council Tax Reduction Scheme
The Council wishes to consult on proposals to amend its Council Tax Reduction Scheme from 2018/19. This scheme provides a discount on the Council Tax for people who are on a low income.
Closed 31 Jul 2017 24 Sep 2017
Oxford Station Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)
Consultation on Draft Oxford Station Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)
Closed 30 Jun 2017 25 Aug 2017
Oxford Local Plan 2036: Preferred Options Comment Form (to use alongside reading the Preferred Options document)
The Oxford Local Plan 2036 Preferred Options sets out different ways we could respond to issues facing Oxford. )
Closed 30 Jun 2017 25 Aug 2017
Oxford Local Plan 2036 Preferred Options -Leaflet questionnaire
The Oxford Local Plan 2036 Preferred Options sets out different ways we could respond to issues facing Oxford. This questionnaire asks you to say how strongly you agree or disagree with key preferred options. This consultation will help shape the draft Plan, which we will consult on next summer.
Closed 30 Jun 2017 25 Aug 2017
Review of Financial Inclusion Strategy
Views are sought on the objectives, themes and required actions in respect of the Council's Financial Inclusion Strategy.
Closed 13 Jul 2017 11 Aug 2017
Oxford's Hidden Histories - Museum of Oxford Redevelopment Project
Have your say on the future of the Museum of Oxford
Closed 26 Jun 2017 10 Aug 2017
Oxford Swift Tower Design Competition Closed 19 Jul 2017 01 Aug 2017
Benefits Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017
To guage satisfaction amongst those with a current entitlement to Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction from Oxford City Council.
Complete 18 Apr 2017 19 May 2017
North Oxford Victorian Suburb Conservation Area Appraisal draft
The City Council have prepared an appraisal of the North Oxford Victorian Suburb Conservation Area to inform future planning for the area. We would like to hear the views of the community on the content and findings of this appraisal. An important part of the appraisal process is finding out how people value the area. We want to find out what you cherish, feel is significant, dislike, or just put up with and what aspirations you have for the area. This will help inform how the area should be managed in the future.
Closed 06 Mar 2017 28 Apr 2017
Discretionary Housing Payments survey 2016-17
The aim of our discretionary housing payment (DHP) policy is to give short term support while you take steps to improve your financial situation so that you will not need our help in future – for example, by supporting you to find work or arranging independent money advice to help you deal with debts. In order to see if we can improve our service to you, we would like to hear about your experience of applying for a DHP and the support we offered you.
Closed 15 Apr 2016 31 Mar 2017
2016 Value of the Park Survey
Oxford City Council would like to hear what you think of the parks, nature reserves and green spaces that it manages in Oxford. We want to know what they mean to you and how they benefit the local area. This is so we can learn how to make the parks and green spaces even better in the future.
Closed 12 Sep 2016 31 Jan 2017
Volunteering Survey
This is a survey for the residents of Blackbird Leys, Rose Hill, Woodfarm and Barton.Oxford City Council knows local people to give their valuable time and energy to support their communities. We would like your help to find out what makes people want to volunteer and what stops them from doing so. We want to make it easier for everyone to volunteer, and find ways to encourage more people to be involved.
Closed 06 Aug 2016 31 Jan 2017
Draft Budget 2017-18
We are asking residents to let us have their comments and feedback on the City Council’s main budget initiatives.
Closed 19 Dec 2016 27 Jan 2017
Residents Survey 2016/17 Closed 04 Nov 2016 06 Jan 2017
Christmas Light Festival 2016
Oxford City Council would like to gather feedback on the 2016 Christmas Light Festival
Closed 25 Nov 2016 30 Dec 2016
Local Plan 2016-2036 Your Oxford Survey Closed 09 Nov 2016 24 Dec 2016

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