Alcohol and Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Orders

There are currently two Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) in Oxford that allow the Council and police to take action against alcohol-related disorder and the control of dogs.


These Orders expire on the 27th November 2020 and the Council would like to hear your views of these issues and whether they have affected you, to help us decide whether to renew them.




The current Alcohol PSPO enables Council or Police officers to request a person to stop drinking alcohol in a public space, and surrender their alcohol.


The current Dog Control PSPO makes it an offence for a person:·  


•to fail to clear up their dog’s mess

•to allow their dog to be in a children’s play park

•to be in control of more than four dogs   

•to fail to put their dog on a lead if instructed by an authorised officer


None of these restrictions apply to assistance dogs or where a person has a reasonable excuse.


The penalty for breaching a PSPO can be dealt with through a fixed penalty notice or prosecution in the Magistrates Court.


Many thanks for taking part in this survey; we value your feedback and will use it to consider whether to renew, amend or allow the current Orders to expire.


  • Opened
    18 Aug 2020 at 09:00
  • Closed
    18 Sep 2020 at 23:59


Area Covered
  • Barton And Sandhills
  • Blackbird Leys
  • Carfax
  • Churchill
  • Cowley
  • Cowley Marsh
  • Headington
  • Headington Hill And Northway
  • Hinksey Park
  • Holywell
  • Iffley Fields
  • Jericho And Osney
  • Littlemore
  • Lye Valley
  • Marston
  • North
  • Northfield Brook
  • Quarry And Risinghurst
  • Rose Hill And Iffley
  • St Clement's
  • St Margaret's
  • St Mary's
  • Summertown
  • Wolvercote
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