Sites and Housing DPD Proposed Submission Document

Sites and Housing DPD Proposed Submission

SP24 - Kassam Stadium sites, Grenoble Road

Kassam Stadium sites, Grenoble Road

Site area: 8.94 hectares/22.09 acres (Plot A)

2.29 hectares/5.65 acres (Plot B)

Ward: Littlemore

Landowner: Firoka Ltd and Oxford City Council

Current use: Football stadium, commercial leisure, food and drink, retail and car parking

Flood Zone: FZ1

B2.61 The car park is overflow for Oxford United Football Club (OUFC) who consider that the land, including that around the stadium could be used more efficiently by providing the car parking in other ways and introducing new development around the stadium. This site is suitable for a variety of uses, especially residential, which will ensure that the land is used more efficiently improve the quality and safety of the area that adjoins Blackbird Leys. A sufficient and appropriate level of car parking should be re-provided and opportunities should be identified to improve sustainable modes of transport to the area. Some small shops ancillary to the stadium complex would be suitable providing that they will not act as 'destination' retail shops. It is important to ensure that any retail units are of an appropriate scale so that they do not conflict with the viability of retail units in Blackbird Leys district centre.

B2.62 Slow worms are present on sites in surrounding areas. To allow them to move between areas a buffer should be retained along the railway corridor. More vulnerable development will be expected to be directed away from Flood Zone 3b. More vulnerable uses must not be developed within Flood Zone 3a unless the site specific Flood Risk Assessment demonstrates that the development will be safe, have a neutral impact on flood risk elsewhere and reduce flood risk overall.


Planning permission will be granted for a residential-led development and public open space on the Kassam Stadium sites. In addition, development could include commercial leisure, education and small-scale local shops ancillary to the stadium complex. Planning permission will not be granted for any other uses.

The football stadium should remain although there may be opportunity to develop new residential development within the corners of the stadium. Development should not prejudice the development of the west stand.

A minimum of 10% of the area developed for residential should be for public open space which should be accessible for existing residents of Blackbird Leys. The development should be designed to ensure active frontages face onto the open space.

Access to the site by public transport and other sustainable modes of transport should be improved. Sufficient car parking should be retained to complement improvements to sustainable modes of transport. Regard should be had for any regeneration plan for the Blackbird Leys area which may include improving vehicular access from the site to Knights Road.

The public rights of way should either be retained or provision made for them to be diverted. Development should not have an adverse impact upon the SLINC and a buffer should be retained along the railway corridor to allow for the movement of protected species.