Oxford Heritage Asset Register Nominations Consultation


What is the Oxford Heritage Asset Register?

 The Oxford Heritage Asset Register was established by Oxford City Council, with funding by English Heritage (Historic England), the Oxford Preservation Trust and our local communities. This register seeks to help understand what makes Oxford such a special place by identifying buildings, places and features which are not statutorily protected but which are considered to be important because of their historic, architectural, archaeological or artistic interest.

 Why do we need the Oxford Heritage Asset Register?

A heritage asset designation recognises the historic, architectural and local value of buildings, structures, archaeology and elements of the natural environment that do not meet the criteria to become listed buildings or other national designations. By identifying what is special about heritage assets, the City Council can better protect and manage them through planning policies and decisions. Inclusion of a building or place on the register places no additional legal requirements or responsibilities on property owners over and above those already required for planning permission or building regulation approval. It can however, help to influence planning decisions in a way that conserves and enhances local character.

Criteria for inclusion on the Oxford Heritage Asset Register

 Criterion 1. A candidate asset must be capable of meeting the government’s definition of a heritage asset; i.e. a building, monument, site, place, area or landscape.

Criterion 2. A candidate asset must possess heritage interest that can be conserved and enjoyed.

It must have identified properties which need to be cared for as heritage – this is its heritage interest.  This might include physical things like its appearance and materials, as well as associations with past people or events. Consider whether the physical features of the candidate asset help to illustrate its associations. The four types of heritage interest listed are recognised in national planning policy.

Criterion 3. A candidate asset must have a value as heritage for the character and identity of the city, neighbourhood or community because of their heritage interest beyond personal or family connections, or the interest of individual property owners. The types of heritage value suggested on the nomination form are based on national guidance by Historic England.

Criterion 4. A candidate asset must have a level of significance that is greater than the general positive identified character of the local area.

Respond to this consultation:

 We are now consulting on assets which have been nominated for inclusion on the Oxford Heritage Asset Register. The consultation will run from Monday 29th January to Monday 26th February 2018.

Links to further information:

Background to OHAR

Browse assets on the existing register

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This consultation has now closed. 


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    29 Jan 2018 at 09:00
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    26 Feb 2018 at 23:59
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    19 Jun 2018


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